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What started as an idea for a simple community newsletter only delivered to our neighborhood, has turned into Horsetown USA's newsletter, the Hitching Post. Though we enjoyed a previous publication, it simply had nothing to do with Norco and the ads that businesses purchased were too small. Therefore, we wanted a newsletter that was about Norco, our businesses and neighbors that focused more on articles rather than inexpensive ads and content. 


Thus, the Hitching Post mission statement was born, " The Mission of the Hitching Post is to showcase the local businesses that treat us like family, our extraordinary neighbors and friends that bring joy to our lives, as well as local events and not so distant destinations that make our city special."

As a marketing company, we knew that our experience could help local businesses establish their marketing funnel and increase brand awareness with quality professional ads and content that would increase the value to our readers and local businesses. Our newsletter is growing and has lead us to adding print services to our company and as a result now print the Hitching Post in color.


"We keep moving forward" and anticipate continuing to provide a service to our local businesses and community. 

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