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General Terms and Services

King Corporate Imaging LLC (KCI LLC) publishes the Hitching Post as a service to our community and local businesses. Please review our general terms and contact us with any questions.


Articles and Ads are first come first served.


  1. Payment up front

                    - To reserves space

                                          Issue month specific

                                          Non-refundable once secured

                                          May pull ad or article prior to print

                                          Ads/Articles non-transferable

                                                  Delay in publication may incur addition space fee                                                  

                     - Partial refunds at discretion of KCI

                                          (Close to deadline, find replacement ad/article and circumstances, work completed)


   2. All articles and ads provided by KCI will be sent for approval/review by client prior to print.

                     -  Client responsible to ensure all content and layout is correct

                                          If client fails to review by deadline

                                          Ads/Articles printed as is after reviewed by staff and editors


   3.  Articles

                          - Articles written by client or company considered ads

                                         Must be approved by KCI LLC

                                         Charged at ad price

                                         Includes extreme corporate/business edits

                          - Article written in writers’ perspective

                                         We maintain a fiduciary duty to client’s brand

                                         as well as communities served against unsubstantiated

                                         claims, services etc.


   4. Setup fee waived at discretion of KCI

                          - Business that carries HP

                                           Or receive credit towards extensive layouts

                                           Relative to detail of service/layout requests

                           - Client provides ad layout

                                           3rd party layouts must be approved by KCI LLC    


   5. KCI reserves the right to refuse any article, ad and claims thereof

                            Not representative of our brand, service or community


   6. Customer to provide

                          - JPEG or PNG images of logos, products, services etc.

                          - Detailed “copy” of deals, discounts, promotions

                          - List of specified article/ad points

                          - Applicable contact information, website and social media


                          - KCI LLC can provide logo design, photography services etc. for additional fee


                           *Products or samples thereof being reviewed

                              Agreed upon by KCI/Client


                          **Article concerning food, venue or events etc.


                                                       At client’s discretion

                                                                        Shall provide dishes, samples etc. to be reviewed

                                                                        No cost to KCI LLC

                            ***Event Venue

                                           2 complimentary event/venue tickets

                                                         With journalist access

                                                                        Acceptable viewing for photos

                                                                        Contact for IAAP Credentials

                                           Food/drink or relative services

                                                          Or reimbursed for expenses within 48 hours

                                                          Value to be agreed upon by client and KCI

                                                          Failure to reimburse 10% charge added per week

                                                          Article/Ad not published till (applicable penalty) payment received

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